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What Determines the Cost of an Abortion?

How Much Does the Abortion Pill Cost?

The cost of a medication abortion is determined by several factors. Before you decide, your first step is to find out how far along you are.


A medication abortion is FDA-approved up through 10 weeks after your last menstrual period. Online conception calculators can estimate your due date but an ultrasound is needed to confirm a viable pregnancy. An ultrasound can also rule out an ectopic pregnancy or a naturally occurring miscarriage. 


The cost can range from $200-$500 depending on the number of pills and the abortion clinic or provider. Not sure where to start? Confirm your pregnancy and learn more about the options and resources available to you before you decide. We believe women deserve to get answers and services from a place that does not profit from their reproductive health decisions. While we do not refer for or provide abortion services, we can give you the answers you need to make an informed choice. Call us today to get started.

Things to Note: Taking the abortion pill can be life-threatening if your pregnancy is ectopic.  It’s estimated that a third of all pregnancies end naturally without abortion-inducing drugs.

How Much Does an In-Clinic Abortion Procedure Cost?

Many factors determine the cost of a surgical abortion procedure, including but not limited to:

  • How far along you are

  • Single or multiple pregnancies

  • Type of abortion procedure 

  • Health history and risks to the woman


A suction abortion, also known as vacuum aspiration, is typically performed between 5 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. A D&E is typically performed between 9-20 weeks although late-term abortions can also be performed via D&E. 

The cost of an abortion can range between $300-$1,200 and is determined after an ultrasound is performed. We can provide this information, an onsite pregnancy test, and an ultrasound at no cost to you before you decide. We can also answer questions you may have about your health history, any potential risk factors, and learn more about what to expect during and after an abortion.

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